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Panthergirl comic: Taipa (aquila sisters) update by satknightcat
Panthergirl comic: Taipa (aquila sisters) update
we i decided with to change her entire look. she went with a different look to her dress,hair and skintone. i dont know if im going to do another change about her again becaues i like the look of her now.

but if you dont know about the aqullia sisters: they are on of the many minor villains within the series i wont be make a full bio because for many reasons. but i will tell you about the girls: aquila, jemina, and taipa all were streetrats within New Charlotte downtown area. aquila met jemina and taipa when they were kids and stuck together ever sense, one day the were hanging around one of the many bombed places where young's metagas hit. all the girls have different avian (birds of pray) DNA in their blood and look like harpies, with their feet all turning into bird tailons but each one have different ways of getting wings out. taipa's full size wings are her arms and her hands are talions and she is the smartest of the 3 girls; but due to her past and the abuse she got as a child, she is blind fully in her right eye and deaf in her right ear as well, and mute. no one knows how she can fly and fight in the state that she is in because the meta-gas hasn't cured any of her issues. she was the one to create all their crime spree plans throughout the series. she has red-tailed hawk DNA IN her blood. 
My YouTube ChannleArt by satknightcat
My YouTube ChannleArt
hey guysSquee Bounce  I made this for my new youtube channel THAT1NERDYBLACKGIRL:excited: :happybounce: , and i just finished it in 2 1/2 days and thats really good and i hope you guys like the look of it and now i will be taking offers on making youtube channel art for anyone that wants one done.

I'm so happy plz XDDDD and feel free to check out the youtube channel THAT1NERDYBLACKGIRL on youtube and subscribe, I post every monday, wendsnday, thursday and sundays (but might change)
after years of not thinking about this........ i complete forgot about that i never posted her or my other 2 OC's for TSS so yeah this is sh'anaya victoria saturday. she looks better now (way better) with the new look

her bio is here:…
  • Mood: Speechless
  • Listening to: stromae - papaoutai (for the 1,000,000 time)
  • Reading: wattpad stories
  • Watching: shows..... lots of them(want to see riche rich)
  • Eating: 'bout to get me a bagel.
  • Drinking: lots of water, kool-aid, sweet tea and coffee
hey guys its update time i have made so many comics and stories (new and old) up and about i going to cut some done and focus one the ones i want to do the most but before i do this, i want you guys to see some good thats been happening with me and the state of south carolina(but there nothing to visit her but the beach and charlston, where the writer of bones book series lives now.) 
our yearly charity drive is over now but you can still donate to this program!!!!…… (donate here)

and i was in the newspaper for my county this past month. well starting in January i was invited to be apart of the Nehemiah project, and the afterschool program here (its Christian-based, but its still a good thing in the world no matter what) but well the head of it, picks out students to be apart of the leadership in the program. and we have desided to create and sell hand soap, none of us are getting paid, but instead we get scholarships from the money we sold. me and one other person were invited to pitch this to the rotary club in our area and well they loved it a lot and soo well we got a deal from them and we are really getting this ball running and we got mayors wanting to by this hand soap. so yeah its been a really cool 3 months of the new year as well.

and also the ducktape stuck at prom dress and suit are coming along really soon,(yes i got an idea for the suit design) but me and michael have started buying the ducktape, but we needs lots more and we are hoping that we can buy a lot of ducktape during spring break as well........ (**we can not do this contest but we can go to prom regardless**)

but now to the updates on what i am working on comic/story wise

(i have cut down on a lot that im working on and more computer issues as well)

  1. panther girl - this is going to be hard because i want to make it both into a comic and animation series under the future comic/media company i want to start. but sooo much can come out of this comic (even if it has a child-like name to the series) like i can branch out hundreds of heroes and heroines its insane but i wont be doing much with this comic because how much time it will take to make just the first season book arc and trying to sell it out to the comic book market. so maybe i'll try to make so Photoshop speed draw pictures videos or test flash animations until i can really get started with it and really get it off the ground and running hard.
  2. luz - this is one that i just really started hitting hard at (don't know if i want it just a comic or animation or both) but i already started makeing designs for the main characters and the plot. i also deside to make the lead a cherokee/souix native american mix girl as well. so i will be posting alot of pictures for this franchise really soon.
  3. animal song - this is a really strong one i have in the works as well. (i might make this a web comic or story) but overall i going to redo a lot, but one thing wont change is ali being a shapeshifter
  • i going to redraw ali and his look all together, (i have gotten yeah its overdue for a update) and i might change his f'n name. he cherokee and his name is ali.......ok what was i thinking years ago when i choose that name......TT_TT
  • IM CHANGING THE STORY PLOT OF THE DARK KING IN THE STORY (its sounds really stupid to me now)
  • i going to have to add more people into the story more.
  • overall i got to redo this whole thing
  1. Belladonna - oh dont get me started on how much i have got to finish this story. i really want to work on and try to publish it myself under my doman. and well my boyfriend is really being stubborn as hell with me.
  2. TSS FANFICTION SERIES - god you guys don't even know how long it was sense i first desided to do this, its been years and i havent even made a dent it what i wanted to create....... i dont even know if there is any supply of SATURDAYS fans to even try to make this so yeah i dont know if i want to end this or not (but alot of people still want my HON[house of night] / TSS doyle blackwell fanfic:…  even thought the stats are down right now)
  3. Cyberchase superhero fanfiction - yeah do not even ask why or how this came to be of all shows, but this one i don't know why but i wanted to do this but i might work on it if a lot of people start liking it a lot more (this maybe be the only story i will post on fanfiction and dA both)
  4. heros, magick and science - this one wont take me long to do, its eureka fanfiction about my fave man-crush zane!!!!!! its can be done in less that 20 chapters
this is what i will be working on but, yet again i have been having computer issues again, my mom and sister (aka: the 2-headed hydra [NO WARD DO GO TO HYRDA IT- NEVER FILPING MIND......... I HATE YOU. man i really wanted skye/ward shipping to happen] ) didnt activated my microsoft office on my laptop and my brother-in-law DIDINT PUT THE FULL ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE ON MY LAPTOP, but at least i got photoshop and well that has pratictly put all my work on google drive the most DUMBEST THING EVER!!!!! GOD WHY IS SOO HARD TO EXPLAIN SOMETHING TO SOME PEOPLE!!!!!!!

so yeah that's that for now 


basic skeach layout
more skyliner by satknightcat
i will draw your charater out(no color)
basic layout w/ color
panthergirl got a new outfit by satknightcat
Panthergirl comic: blaze by satknightcat
it will be drawn and colored
computer drawing (with color)
(this is harder for me to do) it will be drawn off the computer using photoshop and will be in color 


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alexis thomas
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States… (fanfiction)… (youtube)… (wattpad)… (quizilla/knightcat25) (tumblr)… (facebook)

stamps all about me:
Class of 2015 by UmbraCrux

Gemini by mysage Stupid Opinions!!! by Rainbowfish3 .:.Zodiac Stamp-Gemini.:. by xEternaLTwilighTx MLP RainbowDash Stamp by CupcakeAttack85 MLP: DJ-Pon Stamp by BabysMother
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these are some place that you can fine me at *if you are going to email me please at least say in you email u got this from DA, and if u do have a DA account, tell me your username please. thank you*

hey this is satknightcat (A.K.A) alexis thomas
well now i am going to tell you more about me:
i'm 18 year old and i am starting my senior year of high school and my 4th and last year doing marching band. i have been playing the clarinet for 5 years now and plan to learn at least 3 more instruments, i also have been singing forever, i have been apart of my elementary school chorus in the 5th grade and singing more often now. and i do write my own stories, poems, and songs too. i also have to say this about me: I'm a BIG manga fan and CRAZY EPIC INSANE THE SERCET SATURDAY FAN!!!! (but in a good way) i not your normal type of christian i dont shove god in people's faces all the damn time i hate doing that fliping time. i repect all races and relilgons (but worshiping the devil.......nope not getting into ok) but i dont fear much but i love trying new thing all the time!!!!!!!!

(**i am also the head of the TSS-REVOUTION, and i have been dieing to see them back on air so i trying my hardest (with the soport of other fans) to bring TSS back on air.) i dont do this anymore now sorry

i love watching little kids shows and looking for good hidden artists, singer, and movie makers on youtube (i watch all the time). i lalso love watch and sometimes playing sports, working the fine arts, working in different sciences (all types) and studying cryptzoology!!!!!!

i have planed to make a TSS and danny phantom fanfilm soon but it might not happen at all i think and i do plan to make a webcomic and the panthergirl comic (my main comic) that i plan to do and sell for extra $$$ and i am planing to go to midlands tech here in SC and plan to transfer to the university of south carolina after 2 years, get a degree in art/animation (computer maybe) and start my own comic/cartoons company like marvel and DC comics and also being a freelanser cartoon producer. so i also plan to do spend my time doing crazy fun things, like travleing the world, storm chaseing, and other thing that im intrested in doing. i plan hunt for cryptids too, i also plan in the future to look for my home state, SC's lizard man as my 1st cryptid. and plan to hunt to find more of these guys.

but on my free time i also write my own stories as well, i write a wide range of teen and child fiction stories and lots of adult paranormal romance novels, and post them on wattpad and i also love writing fanfictions and i am writing my first fanfiction series.
the summer of death (novel trillgy)
*summer supers c lub
*A faire's tell
*(a kids story series)
paranormal romances:

well i am working right now on a FF series for the secret saturdays called: TSS TV ADVENTURE FRIENDS crossover series
heres the deal: the war is over, zak lost his power and his family has not got a siteing in a while, and the sceret scintists think that everything is ok in the world. until abby gray showes herself again and tries to bring back kur and tries to control the power by making a colne of zak with the DNA of zak monday and a pendent called the heart of kur, stollen from rani naga, named andriana, she learns the turth about abby's plan from zak when she was in a fight with him. she later get out of hand and runs away having 1 one job,find the satudays and stop abby plan,when she meets the saturdays, zak powers return for what reason(you need to read to find out)they later learn that andrana body can not soport itself beacause abby progamed the body to fail when she disobay orders. so they have to go to a planet that they did not know exist (and it has aliens!! beeman was right WOW!!!!)and find a gem that can help her body sustane itself, (with the help of the stargate infidy team) and later learn that abby wants to take over the T.V unverse to later kill the saturdays and rewrite the story of TSS,and Dr.gray knew about her plan(not telling the rest of the secret scintists)and has asked the saturdays to be the ones to help stop abby's plan and save the T.V unverse from total destruction.

this is the start of the the sceret saturdays t.v adventures friends crossovers fanfic series, and the start of the new aventures for the saturdays!!!

so in the long run i am some kind of a weird tom boy( and no you dont have to wear boy outfits to be a tom boy!!!)
also feel free to ask me any questions and email me at:

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